My Ratings System for Television Shows

Hey guys,

For my next review, I plan on talking about a TV show, but to do so, I need to lay out how I’ll be judging it. Like my movie reviews, I don’t think assigning numbers to the shows is a great way for me to assess them, so I’ve come up with my own ratings system. There are a few similarities to my system for reviewing movies, so if you’ve already read the post describing that, don’t expect too many surprises.

Starting with the lowest rating and ending with the highest, we have:

1. Garbage. These shows should be canceled immediately. They normally have any combination of poor acting, a bad premise, or just flawed execution. These aren’t worth spending any time on and will just make you angry. Avoid these.

2. Pilot Worthy. These shows aren’t too great, but they might have a few cool things working for them. Shows like this could be worth checking out if one seems interesting to you or you are a fan of the genre, just don’t expect to want to get too invested into it.

3. Season Worthy. These shows are good enough to warrant watching at least a few episodes of them. You won’t feel cheated or disappointed, but they won’t become your favorite shows either. Tuning in every once in awhile shouldn’t feel like a chore, and if you are looking for something to watch while bored, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

4. Series Worthy. These shows are worth following from beginning to end. These are really great and will not disappoint most viewers. You might even feel compelled to buy the overpriced DVD boxsets of some of these so that you can rewatch your favorite episodes. These might not be talked about or watched by people several years in the future, but for now, they are just fine.

5. The CLASSIC Award. The best of the best. These shows hook you and never let go. These are the shows that you buy on DVD and force your friends to watch so that they can share your fascination. These will be talked about and remembered years after they go off the air and will be considered classics. Everyone should watch these.

This is my current ratings system for television shows, but it is definitely subject to change. As always, comment or send me an email to let me know what you think of the system so that I can know what you guys think works and what doesn’t. Thanks for reading and make sure to stick around for my next review!


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