My Ratings System for Movies

Hello everyone,

Since I’m going to be reviewing a number of movies on here, I thought it only fitting that I provide a guide for the system I will ultimately be using to score them. When coming up with this system, I contemplated using numbers, but that seemed a bit impractical, so I modified the system with a more straightforward approach. I will have five ratings total, each of which will express how I feel about the movie in question.

Starting with the lowest rating and ending with the highest, we have:

1. Garbage. These movies are those that should have never EVER been made. These are the ones that just leave you feeling robbed of your time and money and with a bad taste in your mouth. Avoid these at all costs.

2. Rental Worthy. These movies are below average at best. However, they might just  make a great guilty pleasure flick and/or are worth renting (or borrowing from a friend) for the night if you have two hours to kill.

3. Ticket Worthy. These movies are pretty decent. They are fun movies that don’t make you feel ripped off after you go to the local theater to watch them. You might enjoy these on the first viewing, but afterward you probably won’t want to watch them again.

4. DVD Worthy. These movies are great. These are the movies that you will be proud to own and would have no problem with watching from time to time. These might not become favorites of yours, and they probably won’t be considered “timeless,” but you’ll enjoy them.

5. The CLASSIC Award. These movies are the best. These are the ones you will be quoting for years, watching again and again, and showing to your kids with pride. These movies will surely be remembered by future generations and hailed as classics. Simply put, these are astounding.

So, as of right now, this is the ratings system I will be using. Let me know what you think of it by commenting below or by sending me an email. I’d love to hear your input. Regardless, thanks for reading and my first review should be coming soon.

— Zach

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